How to access parent information

  • Log on to
  • Using the menu at the top of the page, select Enter, then Parents / Students / Members.
  • Login to your child’s program account using the following login: SMWestBand
  • This will bring up the main parent page. This will allow you to look at your child’s program calendar, event list, handouts and SmartMusic files.
  • Clicking on an event on the calendar brings up the details for that event, such as times, attendance requirements and equipment/uniform necessities. Clicking on “event list” puts all of the calendar information in a list form for easy printing.
  • When you enter your child’s Student ID NUMBER, another more detailed screen appears with even more options to view your student’s uniform assignments, music assignments, financial records, forms and inventory. Enter your child’s ID FIRST – then you may create your own, unique password by clicking on the “keys.”
  •  A detailed document on how to use the parent section of CHARMS is located here.
  • One area in which you can help the director maintain his/her records:
    • Student information form – you may help make changes to your child’s student information page (such as updating phone numbers and email addresses if they change) to help the teacher communicate with you more effectively.
  • Most importantly, the parent page assists both you and the teacher to communicate with each other.
  • Questions about Charms?  Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

New in 2011:  You can now use CHARMS to volunteer for Band Aides Activities.  See these instructions for how to access the volunteer section of CHARMS.

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